Fashion Your Mind Organization (FYMO) is a Non Profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation. Our mission is to support cancer patients on their journey to wellness. To inspire and motivate through our creative arts program in an atmosphere that builds self-esteem, cultivates artistic expression, while allowing each individual to appreciate their own uniqueness..



Each year, our vision grows as does the need to provide a better quality of life to cancer patients. By promoting healthy living and the importance of early cancer detection we hope to decrease the lives loss to cancer in our community. Until there's a cure for cancer we desire growth in the nature of supportive services we give to the community.

FYMO offers support to cancer patients and through our creative arts program we find unique ways to illuminate anyone's secret talents and empower complete wellness in our community. FYMO's instructional program is comprised of workshops and classes that educate in fashion and creative art development. At FYMO, participants cultivate their aspirations of becoming professional designers, artists, and embrace therapeutic use of art making. Our aim is to introduce many forms of artistic expression by offering our various classes, such as: Arts~N~Fashion and Fashion Sewing 101.

Our workshops and fundraisers directly support local cancer patients with costs relating to their medication, living expenses, transportation, and home care. We educate and inspire our participants to be creative. Partnering with local hospitals, school districts and our community we are enabled to make a difference using our unique FYMO training methods. We offer financial aid for all of our workshops to persons in the community. In addition to our workshops, we also offer a number of FREE specialty classes to the general public. FYMO host an annual 5K Run Event and a biennial Charity Fashion Show to benefit local cancer patients