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FYMO's "Finally Home" Program mission is to help the homeless people on the streets by providing the homeless with essential supplies and clothing needed to live a sustainable life. The program is ran by donors and volunteers who donate their time, products, and services to meet the needs of those facing or impacted by homelessness.
The homeless and those in need of support while transitioning from homelessness.
You can contact us here by filling out the online contact us form or you can go to one of our local Donor members that's listed here on our website. Visit their home base that is located in your community or a community nearest you. If you are already a member you will receive support right away. If you aren't a member you can sign up at one of our donors locations in your community or you can become a member here on our page. Members with needs have priority over those who are not.
As of today we can currently meet the need of women and children to provide with Essentials and clothing and all baby care needs. Our available resources change from day-to-day and the list is long so it is necessary that you contact our office to find out how your need can be met directly.

We distribute directly to those who contact us with priority given to members and clients already served or signed up.

We distribute on certain days through our donor's church, organizations, or schools within the communities that we serve, please check our calendar for a list of locals in your area. We help those most in need first.

Contact our office directly and someone in our community relations department will be happy to set you up with a partnered account where we will either come out to distribute at your location directly or drop off resources directly to your location. Please understand that we operate on donations only. Though it is not mandatory we kindly accept donations given. Keep in mind, donor members are served first.

When we come out to our donor member's location we will serve pre-screened clients or members. To do so we need the name and any contact info for those being served. Those that are homeless on the streets have priority but they must have a form of identification and if not we will assist in ensuring that they get proper identification. Member's information is kept private protecting the identity of those in need unless it is agreed upon between those individuals to release or share their information to obtain further resources and to help them secure housing and other substantial services.

Classification of those helped are people on the streets that are homeless, in programs or shelters, those transitioning into permanent housing or newly in permanent housing within 1 to 4 months, and those who may be facing homelessness.

Become a sponsored donor member today and better help the people you serve! Contact us now so that we may begin bringing valuable resources to your place of occupation.