About Us



Fashion Your Mind Organization (FYMO) is a Non Profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation. Our mission is to provide financial support to children and adults living with cancer. Through our Finally Home Program we help those in need and people facing homelessness with household goods and other essential resources all while offering fashion sewing and creative arts workshops to people in the communities where we operate.

FYMO’s hope is to transform lives through systematic change starting with our health and overall wellness. Our “Finally Home” Program helps to aid challenges that prevent many people in our community from having the life intended for them.

FYMO’s “Finally Home” program helps those in need and people facing homelessness with essential resources and supplies needed to live a sustainable life. Other services provided are job development skills, creative arts workshops for those with physical and mental limitations and help in searching for permanent housing through our community stores and satellite locations. 

Our vision is to form a solid foundation that provides long term resources and housing for those in need; to close the gap of those having no place to go during the day to utilize their time in a positive and creative manner; and to explore healthy ways to release tension in an atmosphere that promotes comprehensive wellness.



In 2018 through our Finally Home Program we begin providing people in the communities where we operate with new household goods from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Applications are filled according to what is currently available. These items change rapidly. Our goal is to provide a basic starter package to each applicant. The size of package usually requires a compact-mid size vehicle with ample space to load items in and take home. 



Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to  helping others. Think  you would be a good fit? Contact us!


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