Distribution Sponsorship Opportunity

FYMO is a Non Profit 501 (c) 3 Corporation that is largely funded and operated with donations and our volunteers continued support. Please help our programs expand by making a donation today. No matter what denomination your contribution, we sincerely thank you for making FYMO your favorite non-profit charity! Remember that all donations are tax deductible and a receipt for taxes will be provided.

  • You can send a check to: FYMO - P.O. Box 5995, San Jose, CA 95150
  • We gladly accept VISA, Master Card and E-checks.
  • Our Federal Tax ID number is: 80-0250178.

Thank You For Your Consideration! 

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Donate to our Creative Art Program

FYMO's instructional program is comprised of workshops and classes that educate in fashion and creative art development. At FYMO, participants cultivate their aspirations of becoming professional designers, artists, and embrace therapeutic use of art making. Our aim is to introduce many forms of artistic expression by offering our various classes, such as our Arts~N~Fashion and Fashion Sewing 101 classes.

Make a donation today to support our creative art program!

Donate to our "Giving to Live" 5K Cancer Run/Walk

FYMO's "Giving to Live" 5K Cancer Run/Walk is an exciting event hosted in the summer. Family, friends, co-workers and community groups are encouraged to participate in this noncompetitive, high energy, fun Run / Walk. The funds raised from this event are given directly to local Cancer patients for health related costs. Make a donation today to support our "Giving to Live" 5K Cancer Run / Walk!

Donate to our “Giving to Live” Charity Fashion Show

FYMO's "Giving to Live" Fashion Show showcase not only our student's accomplishments, but also the work of local designers. This public event combines elements of fashion, entertainment, prestige, and glamour - all while raising funds for a worthy cause!

Make a donation today to support our "Giving to Live" Fashion Show!

"Finally Home" Another FYMO Production

FYMO's hope is to transform lives through systematic change starting with our health and overall lifestyle. Our "Finally Home" Program  helps to aid challenges that prevent many people from having the life intended for them.

Make a donation today to support our "Finally Home" program!